Agra Smart City Ltd. is consistently working in various sectors & following list of files will explain with clear progress updates.

Agra City Project Update
Agra City Project Updates(7 Dec 2019)
Agra City Updates ( Aug 2020)
Agra Smart City Development Area

Advisory Meeting
First Advisory Meeting
Second Advisory Meeting

Annual General Meetings
1st Annual General Meeting FY 2017-18
Annual Return 2019
2nd AGM Notice
3rd Annual Report
4th Annual General Meeting FY 2020-21
5th Annual General Meeting FY 2021-22

January Newsletter
February 2021
March 2021
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Detailed Project Reports
Sewerage system for ABD Area
Rehabilitation Of Minor Roads
Junction Improvement (PAN City), Agra
Rehabilitation Of Major Roads
Municipal Solid Waste Management For ABD Area
Improvements to Taj East Drain
Upgradation Of Municipal Schools, Tajganj, Agra
Facade Improvement Along Daresi Road, Agra
Master System Integrator for the Implementation of Intelligent Traffic Management System, Adaptive Traffic Control System, CCTV and Surveillance System, Solid Waste Management and Integrated with Command and Control Centre (ICCC)
Beautification 2 KM Radius around Taj mahal
Beautification and Streetscaping of Fatehabad Road
Development of Heritage walk
Street Vending Plan for ABD Area
Providing 24 x 7 Water Supply to ABD Area

Expression of Interest for the Post of General Manager (Projects)
Expression of Interest for the Selection of Independent Directors

Pre-Bid Reply
Selection of Agency for Operation and Maintenance of Automated Self Cleaning public Toilet at Various location Within Agra.

Experience Certificates
Radhika RPG Aarpee Infra (JV) Dated 28-04-2020
MG Construction Dated 07-04-2021
LC Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Dated 27-04-2021
LC Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Dated 29-04-2021
LC Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Dated 17-06-2020
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 22-06-2020
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 24-06-2020
Dev Construction Dated 04-07-2020
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 22-10-2020
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 02-12-2020
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 08-12-2020
Bharat Electronics Limited Dated 13-03-2020
Dev Construction Dated 16-09-2020
Dev Construction Dated 17-09-2021
MG Construction Dated 27-12-2021
Synergy Telematics Private Limited Dated 22-01-2021
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 12-02-2021
Vinod Enterprises Dated 03-03-2021
S. B Enterprises Dated 26-08-2022
Radhika RPG Aarpee Infra (JV) Dated 09-09-2022
Radhika RPG Aarpee Infra (JV) Dated 07-11-2022
LC Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Dated 09-11-2022
S. B Enterprises Dated 23-11-2022
Sushil Singhal Dated 26-11-2022
Azael Smart Health Centre Pvt Ltd Dated 01-02-2021
Parmar Construction Dated 28-07-2019
Dinesh Kumar Singh Dated 15-10-2019
Ram Sanehi & Sons Dated 24-10-2019