Agra’s Pan City proposal, structured around three distinct themes, has six broad components, 24 ICT solutions and five non-information technology (ICT) initiatives. An analytical assessment and stakeholder consultation approach was utilized to arrive at the optimal solutions, that can impact the quality of life of all citizens and the experience of all visitors. These solutions are inclusive by providing universal access to basic services, access to people with restricted mobility, access across languages, and standardized mobility across the city for all. The Agra model is based upon experiences and success stories of other cities, notably the Solid Waste Management processes used by Greater Mumbai, and the Urban Transport Management system of Bengaluru.

Strategic Plan
Smart Parking Management System
  • Multi-level car parking
  • Unified parking management and guidance system
  • Digital display boards

Strategic Plan
Improvement in Vicinity of Lesser Known Heritage Monuments
  • Adaptive re-use of traditional buildings
  • Lighting of monuments
  • Revamping and publicizing existing markets
  • Developing night bazaars and cultural activities
  • Promoting and increasing the frequency of fairs and festivals that showcase the culture of the city such as Ganga Dassera, Taj Mahotsav, hot air balloon festival, etc.
  • Create three heritage circuits, with pedestrian friendly paths and underground cable network

Strategic Plan
Enhancing Experience of Accessing Taj Mahal
  • 25 km of cycle trail and 125 km of footpath between Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
  • Painting buildings near Taj Mahal to increase visual harmony
  • Pedestrian green walkway all along the Yamuna Kinara road connecting Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
  • Access routes to East, West, and South gates of Taj Mahal already revamped and no-vehicle streets have been created
  • Ducting of cables, Landscaping and pedestrian promenades, Cement Concrete roads, Water fountains, Stone lamp posts and LED street lights has already been done
  • Slum Improvement in vicinity

Strategic Plan
Development of Mughal Museum
  • Museum complex
  • Auditorium
  • Parking complex
  • Increase tourism potential of city
  • Showcase local art, history, culture, cuisine, handicrafts, performing arts, literature, manuscripts, weaponry

Strategic Plan
Development of Taj Orientation Centre
  • Main orientation complex
  • Open air theatre
  • Multi-level car parking
  • Restaurants
  • Water body, crafts shops

Strategic Plan
Sustainable Livelihood Development
  • 4 multi-skill development centers to promote traditional knowledge of sculpting, zardosi and stone in-lay work
  • Digital literacy centers for providing IT training
  • Street vending zone
  • Market street for stone inlay, flower market, and zardosi work
  • Creating a formal platform for displaying local economic activities such as petha making, in-lay work, zardosi work, and other such traditional skilled work
  • Promoting and creating favourable policy environment for setting-up of non-polluting industries such as agro and agro processing, nutraceuticals, biometrics, medical equipment, BPOs/KPOs, IT-industry, BFSI, etc.
  • Leveraging on existing hospitals and medical facilities to create a Medi-city

Strategic Plan
Pilot 24x7 water supply (Metering, SCADA system)
  • 120 km water supply distribution network
  • Installation of SCADA system
  • Fixing 22,847 smart consumer meters
  • Real-time water quality monitoring system
  • Control center
  • Ensure water supply at rate of 150 liters per capita per day

Strategic Plan
100% Waste Management
  • Construction of community and individual household toilets and IEC activities
  • Improve door to door primary waste collection
  • Waste to energy plant under PPP basis
  • Construction of public toilets and mapping them on Mera Agra App
  • Recycling centers in Taj Ganj area for waste from home-based livelihoods
  • School sanitation

Strategic Plan
Taj East Drain Improvement Plan
  • Waste water treatment and management
  • Recycling and reuse of waste water

Strategic Plan
Underground Cabling duct
  • Road covered with underground utility duct to reduce maintenance cost, improve aesthetic appeal

Strategic Plan
Rainwater harvesting pits
  • Rainwater harvesting


Strategic Plan
Rehabilitation of Major roads
  • Main roads paved with footpaths and walkways
  • Providing cycle tracks, planters, signage, street furniture, footpaths and utility ducts along Fatehabad Road
  • Junction redesign

Strategic Plan
Rehabilitation of Minor roads
  • By-lanes paved with cobblestones for better walking experience

Strategic Plan
Sewerage Network
  • Providing Sewerage system to ABD Area

Strategic Plan
Social Inclusiveness
  • Upgradation and new construction affordable housing

Strategic Plan
Social Infrastructure and Safety /security
  • Safety provisions for children, women and the elderly, and tourists
  • Quick response center for incident and adversity management
  • 'She' centers to help women in distress

Strategic Plan
Solar Installations
  • Municipal park lighting and solar roof top projects on municipal and public buildings
  • LED street lighting

Strategic Plan
Provision of Tourist and Mobility facilities
  • Agra street cafe project
  • Multi-cuisine restaurants, food stalls and street coffee shops
  • Pavilion and space for furniture shops

Strategic Plan
Revitalization of Green Spaces
  • Rejuvenate 248 acres of green space
  • Shahjahan Park, Taj Nature Trail
  • Revive "My Tree" – donate a tree program for roadside plantation

Strategic Plan
Non-Motorized Transport
  • E-rikshas
  • Bicycles on rent