Agra Cuisines

Mughlai:   Mughalai food started as a fusion of Persian and Indian cooking traditions in the courts and kitchen of imperial Agra. During the time of Babar, his cooks prepared Persian dishes with Indian ingredients.   Humayun introduced dried fruits and nuts in rice, puddings, sweets, and curries. Akbar had Rajasthani cooks, who fused rich spices and curries with Persi...Read More

Braj:   Braj is famous for its colorful and delicious sweet and savory foods. Given the tradition of animal farming in the region, milk and milk based foods are very popular. These include sweets like peda, jalebi, mawa gujhiya, and ghevar, and milk based drinks like lassi, and saffron milk. The spicy chaats of the region include dahi bhalla, aloo tikki, papri chaat, and go...Read More

Street Foods:   Agra’s lanes and markets are famous for its vegetarian street foods. The famous chaat galli has shops serving all types of chaats, dahi bhalla, gol gappa, and kulfi. Small eateries serve aloo subzi with bedai poori, sweet lassi, jalebis, and saffron milk. The city is famous for petha and dalmoth.     ...Read More