Integrated Command & Control Centre:   Integrated Command & Control Centre ...Read More

Micro-skill Development Centres:   The city of Agra is for the Taj Mahal in the minds of the national and international community. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj is the biggest attraction for visitors to the country and the city. The rich cultural heritage and flourishing tourism in the city of Agra has little or no impact on economically weaker section of the city is a major lacuna in the c...Read More

Automated Self Cleaning Toilets:   Inadequate sanitation takes a tremendous toll on the quality of peoples’ lives, the environment, and the economy. Without effective sanitation, there is a high risk of epidemic diseases such as cholera, pollution of water supplies and contamination of the surroundings. The requirement for public toilets is increasing exponentially with the economic development, ur...Read More

Smart Health Centres:   One of the purposes of the Smart Cities Mission is to improve quality of life, especially of the poor, in order to make Smart Cities inclusive in nature  At present, private out of pocket expenses (OOPE) on health comprises 64% of total health spending in India. Generally, health related expenditure consists of – medicines, diagnostics and consultation. C...Read More

Smart Classes:   Agra Smart City Ltd (ASCL) in its endeavour to improve the quality of education delivery in municipal schools have implemented smart classes in two municipal schools (Nagar Nigam Boys intercollege and Nagar Nigam Girls school) which falls in Tajganj area (ABD area).The idea of the project was to implement smart classes in all the classrooms which leads to significant im...Read More