Smart Classes

Agra Smart City Ltd (ASCL) in its endeavour to improve the quality of education delivery in municipal schools have implemented smart classes in two municipal schools (Nagar Nigam Boys intercollege and Nagar Nigam Girls school) which falls in Tajganj area (ABD area).The idea of the project was to implement smart classes in all the classrooms which leads to significant improvement in quality of education. Key objective of this project is to make sure that no child is left behind in the race of socio-economic transformation and that everyone can have access to learning which is also mandated as one of the fundamental rights. The project was completed in February 2019 and it is being used extensively by students and teachers.
The major objectives of the smart classroom project is to enable the use of technology to increase the reach and quality of education in Nagar Nigam schools by which learning capacity of students are enhanced . It is also targeted to increase the admission levels of both these schools by provision of world class infrastructure and smart classes. With the implementation of this project the admission in schools have risen by atleast 6% than previous years and along with its implementation continuous teacher training programmes are also arranged to make the teachers familiar with smart classes. At the initial level smart classes have been implemented in 23 classrooms across two Nagar Nigam schools.