Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal, retrofitting, and extension program of the Government of India launched in 2015 with the mission of improving the infrastructure and quality of living offered by cities. It was envisioned that each smart city would create an Area Based Development
Agra was selected as smart city in September 2016 in the third round of the Smart Cities Challenge. Following this, a special purpose vehicle (SPV), Agra Smart City limited, was set up under the Companies Act to implement the development work at the city level. The SPV is headed by the Divisional Commisioner and will plan,
Citizens played an active role in defining the smart city plan through, focus group discussions, one-on-one meetings and social media interaction. A MyGov portal was set up to assess priorities for the pan-city initiative, vision, and selection of one area for area-based development. The themes identified were voted upon to understand the priorities for the