Smart Agra Ltd. Initiatives brings maximum opportunities for all round growth. Business opportunities involves advantages with Locality Services & Infra, Manpower, Tourism & Most important overall Economics of Agra. We will be coming up with many tenders & circulars for the Vendors who would like to get associated with Smart Agra Ltd.


  • Close to Delhi and the National Capital Region
  • Gateway to the Braj region
  • Platform for global exposure due to high tourist footfall

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  • Part of Golden Triangle region
  • Well connected by roads, train, bus, and air
  • Connected by Yamuna Expressway to national and state capital

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Social Infrastructure

  • Great healthcare infrastructure
  • Pioneer in water treatment solutions
  • Pioneer in eco-friendly initiatives

Skilled Manpower

  • Presence of 10 institutes and 700 colleges
  • Educational institutes for medicine, languages, technology, and liberal arts
  • High on financial penetration and consumption index

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  • Largest center for shoe manufacturing in India
  • Largest center for shoe manufacturing in India
  • Largest number of cold storages in India

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  • Hub for domestic and international tourists
  • World heritage monuments, arts, and culture
  • Commitment towards tourist facilities and security

Proactive Governance

  • Attractive state level policies
  • Business friendly governance
  • Strong city level management

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Strong Future Projects

  • Building world class infrastructure
  • Creating economic revitalization
  • Rejuvenating heritage and green spaces

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Skilling & Government Schemes

  • Digital literacy centers for IT skills
  • Digital literacy centers for IT skills
  • Women’s centers for rehabilitation of women
  • School and college visits to craft manufacturing units