Agra Smart Agra City Ltd. (ASCL) has formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to implement smart city projects. The ASCL SPV is headed by Divisional Commissioner as the Chairman and Municipal Commissioner, Agra as the CEO. The organization consists of a Board of Directors, advisors, and mechanisms to solicit citizen engagement on
Agra Smart Agra City Ltd. (ASCL) Board consists of senior officials from Agra city administration, Agra district administration, UP government administration, and appointees and officials from Smart City Mission, MoHUA. ASCL Board Chairman is the Divisional Commissioner of
Agra Smart Agra City Ltd. (ASCL) Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) stakeholders include city and district administration officials across departments. This team works closely with SPV CEO and Program Management Consultant (PMC) team to manage and ensure smart city planning, development, and implementation work. The complete list of
Agra Smart Agra City Ltd. (ASCL) Program Management Consultant (PMC) team works closely with the ASCL CEO, Board, and the SPV team to design, develop, plan, and oversee the implementation of smart city initiatives. The team ensures that city plans are documented and shared in timely and complete manner with all stakeholders and advisors in city,