Agra Shopping

India has a rich tradition of stonework. Agra has been a center of stone carving since the middle ages, and modern artisans produce beautiful pieces of marble, alabaster, sandstone, and other materials. These are intricately carved with floral patterns, filigree,
Agra is famous for leather products and shoe making, with well-crafted shoes in all price ranges, made for men and women. The shoes made for women can be embellished with beads, embroidery, and fabric to make designer footwear and chappals. These
Agra is famous for sweets (petha), savories (dalmoth, kachori), and street foods like chaat, lassi, kulfi, kesar milk, and more. Famous sweet shops offer packaged products that can be taken home by travelers. Delicious street foods such as chat, bedai kachori, jalebi, and
Metal threadwork and embroidery, known as zari and zardosi, were introduced in India from Persia during the time of the Mughals. It was used for royalty, using real gold and silver threads, and precious stones, pearls, and sequins to make the embroidery even more
Agra is famous for handmade and hand-knotted carpets made of silk, cotton, and wool. Intricate patterns are woven into these carpets.
India is famous for gold, silver, enameled, and inlaid jewelry, and tourists can buy real and artificial jewlry in the markets and shops of Agra.